Hello, I'm Fey Lehiane.

I'm a filmmaker, theatremaker & all-round creative graduated in 2018 from the HKU: Utrecht Shool of the Arts. My main focus is on directing and screenwriting for narrative films. Visual storytelling and the diversity of the human experience is at the heart of all my creative efforts.

Born in Amsterdam to Chinese-Morrocan parents I've always had a keen interest in telling tales about what I like to call the "in-betweens". I'm always looking to tell stories driven by characters who find themselves between worlds or communities, between cultures, between reality and dreams, between jobs, between emotions, between belonging and not-belonging...
The past few years I've become increasingly passionate about using my work as a way to open up discussions about social-political issues, especially where they relate to cultural or gender identity and our perceptions of those identities. Lately, I've developed a very big interest in stories surrounding girl- and womanhood.
No matter my subject matter my goal is to tell subtle, personal stories and use the medium of film to make them feel universal.

Aside from my own film projects I also work as an assistant director and script supervisor on film productions in the Netherlands, and work with a multidisciplinary theatre group called Avondwinkel to create relatable variété shows about Dutch citylife.

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